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T5 Evo

145 KW

Maximum power

200 KM

Max speed

197 HP

Engine Power

100 KM

Fuel consumption 6.6L

0-100 KM

9.7 seconds


DCT Transmission

Beast bionic front face design

Led hunting eye headlight

Roaring front grille

19 inch plum claw sports hub

Thunder wave 4 exhaust

Subducted tail

Performance beyond the same class

Equipped with high-quality interior NAPPA leather seats with massage function, front passenger seat boss buttons and armrest box with refrigerating / heating function it perfectly interprets the luxury concept of putting people first.

Dual 10.25-inch smart dual-connected screens

NAPPA leather

Flat rear central aisle

Mobileye EyeQ4 chip
17 sensors in all directions
12 auxiliary driving functions
4 million kilometer road test

Forthing T5 Evo