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Oneroad Automotive

Under the trend of world economic development, Oneroad Group, with a global vision combined with long-term development needs and strategic layout, inherits and develops the spirit of the ancient Silk Road, browses the prosperous historical corridor, puts in its strength and unremitting efforts, and carefully explores complementary advantages. And seek truth from facts to deepen and seek cooperation in various fields, so as to broadcast green shades and nurture brilliant successes for the road of harmonious and prosperous economic and social development.


Oneroad Group is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise, founded in 2012 in Dubai, the financial and economic center of the Middle East. Its various industries and economic development areas are mainly concentrated in China, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and East Africa.Oneroad started to engage in the comprehensive trade of electronic products in 2012, and entered the oil and gas chemical industry in 2013, and then successively entered public transportation, automobile distribution, project investment, car rental and services, media, international tourism, VIP security travel services, and other industrial fields.Through its own unremitting efforts and perseverance, Oneroad’s various industries have been continuing to grow and develop, which has been promoting the improvement of Oneroad’s market share and status in different economic fields,has been adding favorable factors to consolidate and expand bilateral relations between countries where its business is located,and has been further solidifying the good relationship with important political and business leaders and royal families in the countries where the business is located.

In 2020, Oneroad Group began to set foot in the Southeast Asian market, laying a solid foundation for later development. And when the epidemic spread to the world in May 2021, Oneroad Group took the brunt of all difficulties and was officially established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, radiating the entire Southeast Asia region. Today, Oneroad’s business in the Southeast Asian market is in full swing, including bulk trade and import and distribution of energy and chemical products, VIP concierge security fleet, automobile agency distribution, comprehensive automobile services, investment in refining and chemical deep processing projects, and investment in racetrack projects. Wait. In the future, Oneroad will actively follow the development trend, adhere to the concept of people-oriented, win-win cooperation, sustainable development and a community of shared destiny, provide sincere and pragmatic services for customers, teams and society, and with the entrepreneurial spirit of continuous pioneering and innovation,accumulate a lot while consuming little,so as to present a beautiful landscape belonging to Oneroad.

Mission and Vision

To become one of the most influential comprehensive enterprises in China, the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, etc..

Group Philosophy

People-oriented; Integrity and win-win; Sustainable scientific development; Building a community with a shared future.